What’s our vision?

Why is fighting
fraud so important?

Mobile ad fraud is the biggest threat to the digital economy and is projected to reach 100 billion by 2023.* Some fraud experts suggest that over half of all mobile ad traffic is fraudulent.

The entire app ecosystem is at risk by mobile ad fraud - if left unchecked, ad-fraud will continue to damage the reputation of the app industry and lower the value of businesses operating in the space.

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Our solutions

Our solution has four main components:


CAAF authenticates sources of traffic by vetting app publishers and collaborates with a selection of supply-side networks, platforms, and exchanges to evaluate app publisher traffic.


CAAF creates a verifying ad engagement tech stack, enabling advertisers and networks to verify that ad engagements are originating from a vetted source - this allows for additional security on sources collaborating with CAAF.


CAAF conducts independent and members-initiated fraud and security research, and reports results publicly for the benefit of the market.


CAAF educates the market on fraud and security issues in the app ecosystem. Through workshops and events, we help drive awareness and adoption of CAAF’s tech solutions, as well as increasing knowledge about trusted supply sources.